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Reviving Vintage Elegance.  At Pin It Up Patterns, our mission is to harmoniously blend timeless elegance with contemporary style.  We craft vintage inspired yet modern patterns that cater to sewing enthusiasts of all levels.  We are on a mission to empower creativity, foster a love for sewing, and offer accessible, high quality unique designs.  Our patterns enable individuals to express their unique fashion sense while mastering the art of crafting beautiful bags. 

A Perfect Partnership.  Anna and Brandy's shared passion for creativity and design ignited a lifelong friendship.  With Brandy's classic and contemporary style complementing Anna's unique and quirky vintage flair, they make the perfect design team.

Our patterns are more than instructions; they are the canvases for our artistic expression.  Thank you for being a part of our creative adventure.  Together, we'll sew memories, one beautiful bag at a time.

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2 products